The Harvard University Summer School Administration has imposed several restrictions on research that involves Summer School students recruited through the Harvard University Psychology Department Study Pool. The rationale for these restrictions is that as students are here for only a short duration their involvement in the many available research studies may take away from the Summer School educational experience.  Additionally, as these students will return home after their stay during the summer, the needed support system or follow-up that may be required due to the impact of sensitive or risky studies may not be available.

If you will be recruiting Harvard University Summer School students through the Harvard University Psychology Department Study Pool, please make note of the following restrictions:

  1. Length of the study – one time visit, up to 90 minutes in duration.
  2. Studies must be of minimal risk
  3. No deception
  4. Minors must have a Parental of Guardian permission form
  5. Minors must assent to take part in the study