Researchers and participants are expected to show up on time for study appointments.  Appointments which are cancelled should give ample notice to both parties.  We ask that 24 hours be given for Study Pool appointments. Participants may cancel a study in their SONA account.  The contact information for researchers is posted within the study description.

Please indicate in the comment section, when a participant is too late or does not keep an appointment. Researchers should indicate no-shows immediately in Sona.  It is your prerogative to issue an excused or unexcused no-show.  Here are some guidelines:

  •  EXCUSED no-show - a participant has a legitimate excuse.
  •  UNEXCUSED no-show -  a participant is more than 10 minutes late, does not show up, or cancels on very short notice.  If the participant is late, the researcher is under no obligation to run that participant or award credit or payment.  If the participant does not show up, the researcher may choose whether or not to reschedule the appointment.  Please make notes in the appointment Comment Section field.

In order to keep UNEXCUSED no-shows at a minimum the Study Pool office contacts the participant.  When 3 UNEXCUSED no-shows are documented, the participant's account is disabled, and they cannot participate until the following semester

Researchers, like participants, are expected to give at least 24 hours notice if they need to cancel an appointment. Cancellations should be made as much in advance as possible.  In case of an emergency or contact has not been made with the participant, another researchers should meet the participant at the time of the appointment to award credit or payment in your absence. All researchers should have a other lab members' numbers into your phone so there is coverage in the event of an emergency.

If you need to cancel an appointment on short notice (less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time), please do these things:

  • If the participant was signed up for credit, award full credit as if they had participated in the study - make notes in the appointment Comment Section field.
  • If the person was signed up for payment, either reschedule the appointment or pay the participant.  All payments require a completed Subject Payment Form.