Topics of studies vary. Studies are designed to examine

  • decision making,
  • memory skills, and
  • emotional, visual and cognitive processes.

You may be asked to fill out surveys, view videos, play a game, particiapte in an interview, or other behavioral methods, do different types of tasks on the computer, or have your brain scanned using fMRI and or TMS proceedures.

  • Research participation may be alone or with another person.
  • Studies run from 30 minutes to over an hour in time.
  • Some studies require participation over time.
  • Compensation is based upon time, and activity.
  • Read the Study Description for each study by "clicking" on the study name.
  • Participation is voluntary.
  • You may decide, at any time, to stop taking part in a study.
  • Each participant will be asked to sign a Consent Form, prior to the start of the study.
  • The researcher will explain to you what you will do doing, and you will have a chance to ask questions
  • If you are participating in an online study, you will read a brief description of the study, and then be asked for your consent to participate.
  • At the end of the study, you may receive, or request a debriefing document

    The Debriefing Document is a summary of the study, the hypotheses, a brief description of the measures used, and a reference for further reading on the topic.  Questions about the study, a summary report on the research, if and when it is published, and the researcher's contact information, is provided in the debriefing document.

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